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Dynaman was split up into two different packages: Dynaman and Dynaman_data. Dynaman contains the source code while Dynaman_data contains image files and sounds needed by Dynaman. There also is a Dynaman_dll package for "Windows precompiled" users only.

For Windows users: The windows executable zip file contains a complete copy of the source code and a Dev-Cpp .dev file that was used to compile the executable. If you prefer that file type over Makefiles, check it out!

Download Links (Source)

Dynaman 0.6.0
Dynaman_data 0.6.0

How to Install (Linux)

Download Dynaman and extract it. To extract .tar.bz2 files, tar should be called with the "xvfj" parameters (ie. tar xvfj dynaman-0.6.0.tar.bz2). This will create a "dynaman" directory. Now get the Dynaman_data pack and extract it inside the new dynaman folder. It won't create a new folder for you!

ChangeDir to "dynaman" and type "make" to start compiling. Information about required libraries is available in the INSTALL file.

To start the executable, type "./dynaman" - Dynaman will now start in fullscreen mode. Make sure to check the keyboard and sound settings in the setup menu!